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    1Our Spirit

  United, Dedicated, Collaborative, Struggling, Excellent
Corporate spirit is a group consciousness combining modern thinking and enterprise character, every enterprise has unique spirit which lies in every aspect and every link of production and operation, gives employees dream, belief, encouragement and honor as well as constraint, and is a strong driving force for development.

Since our establishment, we have always introduced and fostered a group of progressive professionals and formed a united, passionate, challenging and fruitful team. The spirit of “United, Dedicated, Collaborative, Struggling, Excellent” has become the intellectual impetus of the team—“Union is strength, cohesion is from union, economic benefit from union, and dedication is to have great enterprising spirit and high sense of responsibility, fulfill duties for development of enterprise, make achievements and be pioneering and innovative to break away the thought of “Not to seek achievement but only to avoid a flow”, to be unified to pursue excellent in a steady attitude. Our simple and philosophical spirit stimulates Zhengxing Wuyi People’s activity, enhances corporate business and gives guidance for our staff to fully display their abilities and finish work well in high standard, and make contributions for improvement of product and service quality.
Operation Tenet

  Stress Practical Results, Earn Trust with Credit, Make Top Quality
Our Vision

  Initiate Business Style, Pursue Top Brand, Let Enterprise Bring Benefits to Human Being and Promote Social Advancement; Let Enterprise Develop Constantly
Our Goal: 

  Short-term Goal: Make Quality Tyre, Create Famous Brand, Expand Market Share, Increase Profits Long-term Goal: Develop Tyre Industry Bigger and Stronger, Make Top Tyre Brand, Take International Development to Enter into World Market.
Our Core Values

  Honesty, Innovation, Humanism, Harmony
Honesty is the base for survival and development of enterprise, and we should be honest for customer, staff, the government, and the society.
Innovation: No innovation, no development. Innovation is the soul of enterprise to advance and an inexhaustible motive force for development. It focuses on culture, management and technology.
Humanism: Humanistic management is the key for success of an enterprise, we should face people, respect and take care people in management and be a close friend of customer and staff. Only learning can we make success.
Harmony: To establish a harmonious work and life environment inside and a harmonious cooperation and development outside makes contributions to the harmonious development of the whole society.
Our Mission

  Serve for Development of Human Being and the Society
“A dream is made of steps”, Zhengxing Wuyi people is willing to grow and make progress with customer and our staff, innovate constantly, and make contributions to change material life of human being and harmonious development of the society.
Our Style

  Be Rigorous and Practical, Keep Hardworking and Struggling, Strictly Enforce Orders and Prohibitions, Be Brave to Struggle
Be Rigorous and Practical: A scientific work style and normative work attitude, a way to be practical from rigorous attitude on post and staff.
Keep Hardworking and Struggling: The most honored style cultivated in the development process of an enterprise and the most effective spirit wealth to march to brilliance for an enterprise.
Strictly Enforce Orders and Prohibitions: Only rigorous sense of organization and discipline can give a full play to overall advantages, maintain the collective interests, and fulfill strategic goals.

Be Brave to Struggle: The most important spirit is brave to challenge in grim market competition, and an only way to make success.
Team Work

  Collaborated, Struggling, Dedicated
Refuse to individualism, enhance team work, dare to take on heavy responsibility, be loyal to business, show individual value and achieve enterprise value in development.
Talent Concept

  Talent--- Lifeline of an Enterprise, Deserving Respect, Cultivation and Care
Talent is the important fortune for enterprise, is directly associated with development of enterprise. We should respect, culture and take care talents, motivate working passion of staff to make enterprise develop gloriously.
Learning Concept

March a Small Step Forward, Make a Big Success
  To learn knowledge enables enterprise and individual to grow and make success together.

11Safety Concept

  Take Care Life, Have Safe Development
Carry out scientific outlook on development and safe development, put the safety culture in everyone’s mind to improve safety consciousness and promote sound development of an enterprise.
Our Motto

  Promise must be kept, Action must be resultful.