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  Shaowu Zhengxing Wuyi Tyre Co., Ltd. is a key private enterprise with a registered capital of RMB 15million and the fixed assets of RMB 200million. Our company covers an area of 125,000m2 and has more than 1,500 employees. With independent intellectual property rights, our company is capable of producing a variety of automobile tyres on the basis of homemade and foreign advanced equipment and infrastructure. Main equipment comprises Italy GK-270 banbury mixer, British F270 and Kobelco 160 banbury mixers, full automatic four-roller cord calender, 10-inch rubber composite extruder production line, automatic shaping and curing press cluster, semiautomatic PLC molding machine cluster, homemade advanced mileage tester for tyre quality test, which realize the microcomputer program control for automatic metering, automatic feeding and operation in raw material processing, are featured by high productivity, good automation and lower labor intensity, enabling the enterprise to develop at the advanced level. Tyre tread composite extrusion production line can meet requirements of standard extrusion process on multiple diamond treads, at the same time, PLC program-controller, microcomputer automatic curing press, and front and rear four-roller cord calenders incorporate to shape tires and achieve automatic calendering of different cords by matching with a stable tension regulating system. Our technological level and production equipment reach the level of 1990s.
  Relying on our independently developed technology, we can achieve an annual production of 1million sets in six series of a variety of belt engineering machinery tyre, bias truck tyre, light truck tyre, agricultural tyre, butyl tyre tube and motor tubes and tyres (including tubeless tyre) with trademarks of “ Wuyi”, “Ji”, “Tiecheng”, “Tailun” and “Rilun”. Our products rank the third in the same industry countrywide, and are widely popular with customers due to excellent quality and reasonable price. Our company has successively developed 750-16/700-16 off-road rib tyre, 700-20/650-16/700-15 longitudinal zigzag tyre, etc. in 2002, and 825-16/750-16, 700-16/650-16 new octagonal rib tyre and 1200-20/1100-20 load industrial tyre in 2003. In order to expand the production scale, we developed 17.5-25, 20.5-25, 23.5-25 engineering machinery tyres in March 2003, and made success in pilot production. We also invest funds about 3.2% or above of sales in new product development and quality improvement of existing products every year. Now, we have advanced tyre quality tester, strength tester and so on, giving technical support for new product development and research on tyre structure, and enhancing our comprehensive capability of new product development and quality improvement. We implement standards of GB97442007 Truck Tyre in production, and this standard partially takes reference to ETRTO Year Book and JATMA Year Book on the basis of TKA Year Book. Therefore, our truck tyre features high carcass strength (a high over 50% of international standard for medium tyre, and 100% or more of international standard for light tyre), good durability (increased by 80% than national standard), good tread wear resistance (Akron wear loss of tread rubber <0.12cm3/1.61km), and good prick resistance, enjoys good load property, long lifespan, wide application to road surface, and stable and reliable quality in actual use, and finds a wide application in all kinds of motor transport.
  We have established a quality detection mechanism headed by vice general management, one assistant manager with Equipment Department, heads of all Departments and team leaders, and operation management, measurement and testing organizations taking charge of production technology, energy metering and quality test. Measuring instruments are key facilities for scientific research, production and quality assurance, and are main test means for monitoring and balancing product performance, therefore our company enhances the management of measuring instruments and formulates Measurement Monitoring Management System and Rules for Quality Internal Standard Inspection to ensure quality of measuring instruments and effective role thereof in production. Meanwhile, we also make measuring instruments checked and tested by authorities of technical supervision regularly, and draft Control Program for Measurement and Monitoring Apparatus to well monitor and measure quality of product in production process, playing an important role in quality improvement, energy consumption and cost reduction. Furthermore, we had certified to ISO9000-2000 in December 2003, and perform management and operation of detection system as provincial primary standards. Depending on ISO9001-2008 quality management standard and drafted quality management manual and program files, we held the first internal examination on March 17th, 2003 on related departments, workshops and execution of quality management system to correct and modify non-conformity and formulate schedule for implementing the corrective measures, then developed management review on internal examination since from release and implementation of quality system files on June 6th in the same year to strictly review the effectiveness of quality management system. In internal examination held on August 27th, 2003 for the second time, we put forward evaluation on item implementation improvement, summarized development of quality management system, and given out effective management measures further, achieving standard and normalized point inspection of quality management system. Finally, we passed through the factory examination approved by QAC in December 2003, and obtained Certificate for Quality Management System.
  Our pioneering and innovative leading group always enhances human resource management in the human-oriented principle to attract a technical backbone team proficient in production of tyres. We has 230 employers including 8 senior managers, 22 intermediate managers, 15 people who have college degree or above and 136 secondary technical education graduates and introduce senior engineers and technicians from the same industry and foreign-funded enterprises. We will establish a sound standard management system, carry out strict training for workers at key posts to improve their technical skills, psychological quality and work quality, insist on education on quality, laws and regulations and technological theories, strictly control integrated quality management in production, encourage workers to compete in employment, strengthen organization and management of personnel, perform achievement assessment and incentive system preparing both for promotion and demotion, enable staff to participate in comprehensive quality management by ways of education and training, perform ISO9000-2000 quality management, ensure effective operation of TMQ in organization and system, and fulfill the quality policy of “Quality First, Sincere Service”. Under the guidance of Customer-related Process Control Procedure and Customer Satisfaction Assessment Procedures, all departments make responsibilities clear and incorporate to meet customer demands, as our General Manager works for customer satisfaction, the Sales Department takes charge of communication with or services for customers, and convenes after-sales service discussion once a year to know customers’ advices and suggestions in time, our company will report customer suggestions in a quality analysis meeting, and send letters for users to collect their suggestions twice a year and feed back the qualitative and quantitative results to the concerned departments. Personnel for three-guarantee is responsible for coping with quality problems of tyres after delivered and used; Quality Inspection Department, Technology Department and Production Department take charge of review on serious quality problems from users and improve quality and meet customer requirements.